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Recently I had the emotional breakdown of a lifetime. I checked myself into a clinic for gay people, but it was mixed with people ordered by the court there for detox and was a really stressful environment. Then I had to leave the outpatient program once I had checked out because I had no where to stay. I was recommended to the Pride Institute. Does anyone have any experience with these places? I know there are 3, and right now I know I need the depression help. The meds arent doing the job. They start stripping away my problems leaving me feeling confused, scared and vulnerable at this place in DC. I really liked the people there, but with no place to stay I cant go :(

If you have any knowledge about the Pride Institute I would really appreciate it. I am at my parents until after New Years then I dont know. But I do know I need some sort of help mentally to help me figure out where and how I destroying my life. Some of you know that I have been through hell this year, and I finally cracked last eyes turned yellow from Reyatez and me abusing my body through using drugs for the first time in months.

If you dont feel comfortable posting here please send me a PM.

Thank you



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