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New Labs.. Is this normal?



I got my new lab results today (bloodwork done on July 1st).. Previous labs were done on June 13th. The difference in CD4 count is substantial !

Old Labs:

CD4 count - 946
CD4% - 46
Viral Load <400

New Labs
CD4 count - 1392
CD4% - 43
Viral Load - 90

CD4 count has jumped almost 500 counts !! and CD4 % has dropped. Is this normal? or could this be a Mistake ?

My Heamoglobin level has fallen down to 11.6 from 12.5 in the previous test. This might be because I have thelessemia minor (some sort of silly anemia) and my doctor thinks its a cause of concern.

Hi Thirty,

I have to tell you something here; your CD4s are normal, and were the first time.  You have enough CD4 count, to share with 6 other people in this crowd and still be a healthy specimen.  I hope you are not on medication yet, as your immune system is dealing with HIV quite well on it's own.  I would also recommend that you get busy doing something that will keep you busy for the next 10 to 15 years, because with numbers like that, you should be able to look at many years of good health in the future.

In Love and Support.

Hi Moffie,

Thanks for the input. I'm not on Medication yet (except INH for latent TB).  I was just worried that my CD4 count increased by almost 500 in 2 weeks.


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