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Dear Appletini

Indonesia is one of many countries that bans HIV positive persons from even entering the country for pleasure or business. Did you boyfriend go through any health tests when he got his work visa? I will check the page for you but I also have problem opening it. I will ask around for you.

I was a bit surprised to hear that he is going to Singapore for treatments. Actually I know several Singapore citizens leave the country to get treatments elsewhere. I met one in Hongkong, and I know of two that are getting tested and meds in Bangkok. Thailand has to be the cheapest option in Southeast Asia for non-residents, and other than being generally more acceptance to pozzies, they have been fighting the disease longer and harder than most and their staffers are much more friendly. That's reason enough for my Singaporean friends to go there instead of being treated badly back home.

I will also ask around for support groups - I assume that you're in Jakarta, so I am hoping that there should be NGOs to help.

You'd just need to take it one step at a time dear... it's a tough situation but most of us manage. As for yourself, if all penetrative sex has been protected, the risk of infection is close to nil for oral sex only.

Hugs, Shaun

Just to follow-up on this, or if we have any users/viewers from Indonesia that may need help on peer counseling, etc, this is what I have gathered:

Spiritia Foundation: Peer cpunseling, +62 21 422 5163/8

I have seen that you haven't logged on for a while Appletini, but if you see this and my PM and need more information please get in touch.


Hi komanes,I haven't logged in for sometime but I have been lurking around this website.

Thanks so much komanes,your willingness to help a stranger in another part of the world touches me.
I have learnt much these past few days but one important lesson I've learnt is that there is still much warmth in this world,as can be seen on this board....

Bf is same old at the moment.Will be starting treatment soon....

I will try calling into the counselling hotline.

Again,thank you...

I hope things turn out fine for your BF and you. I have asked around but the volunteers here (in Hong Kong) don't have direct contact with Spiritia so I cannot say it comes recommended. But it appears to be creditable and there aren't many choices in Jakarta.

Just have a chat and see how much they can help. Many of us are very prepared to help within what we can do in this cyber home.

Best of lucks, Shaun


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