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the smile on his face made my heart sing...


i knew something was up when he walked in the door.  omg...he was grinning from ear to ear.  he looked at me and announced...UNDETECTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i have not seen this kind of smile for many months.

his cd4 is at 550 now...for some reason the theme song to the "jeffersons" keeps coming to mind..."well we're moving on up"

mother of christian

i know exactly how he felt.when i finally became undectectable after 15 yrs,i broke down and cried.I had  this feeling of a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders.i know that this doesn't change the fact that i am still hiv + but at least now i feel that i have a life to live!!!

A great feeling and a wonderful sigh of relief. Glad to hear it, LIZZIE LOU.

Mike M


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