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hey how the hell are all of you... lis is alive and sorta well

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i have missed the forum for all this time.. i have been recovering.. and taking care of my BUSY family!! we have had a college graduation, a birthday, and more stuff then you know..  my last ID appointment was a drag... lost 100 CD4s so now im back to 190... the thyroid issue is getting better, they TRIPLED my synthroid, and it seems to make a huge difference...

i wish you all well.. and im glad to be here!!


Hi Lis

It's good to see you back...I know how busy life can get and how much energy it can take just to get through the day...but I'm glad to hear that thyroid problem is a little have been missed, and it's good to see you again...and sporting a new name... :)

Jan :-*

Poz Brit:
Itís nice to hear from you, and better to know that your glad to be here, and may be you will be able to be here more often.

Take care, and love from,


FABULOUS to see you back here!  You have been dearly missed.  :-*

Yes, it is good to see you back.  I often wondered how you were doing. 



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