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Surplus meds I can't use!

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We have a drug sharing program here too. If you wish to PM me, I will be happy to take those off your hands.
I guess I haven't been as vocal about it lately, but however you choose to dispense of the meds, just don't trash them.

When the dr changed hubbys meds after one week we donated the unused portions to his dr who would then give them to patients who needed them.


The tax deduction you'd get for donating three months worth of Viramune has to be over $1000. Depending on your income, that will more then make up for the $50 you spent, come tax time. There must be an HIV service organization in your area that would be thrilled to get them.

Okay, okay, I'm now easily convinced to send my meds off for charitable use.  I just needed to be pointed in the right direction - THANKS ALL!  And, I'll take that tax deduction idea to heart!   ;D


Just for the record, I've been told that selling your surplus meds on the forum is NOT allowed. I know you've decided to explore other options, but I did promise I'd get back to you as soon as I had a definite answer.



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