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Vaginal Fluid, Pimple and HIV

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Hello! I'm a newbie here so please go easy on me. :lol:

well i am really having a hard time right now, can't work, can't sleep and my level of anxiety is really high.

Ok so on to my story

I shag up a girl that i picked up in a let's say "high-risk" country. we did protected sex (with condom) but what worries me is the pimple in the 3cm high 12:00 position of my Mr. Happy. I don't know the risk of this that's why i turn into you guys.

1. is it possible for me to catch HIV if her vaginal flud have come into contact with my fresh open wound?
2. lets say my pimple is not broken yet, and only been broken because of the grinding and bouncing that she made (she's on top) would that be a high risk?
3. do you guys suggest testing?

thanks please answer...

Ann, i'm beggin' you to please answer this one. did you and your boyfriend experienced this kind of situation?

good health good luck and godspeed ...

No risk and no testing required.

hi rod,

are you sure about this one? is this supported by fact? theoretically it's possible right?

rod, research from this site i've found this:

--- Quote --- For men, HIV must enter through a cut or abrasion on the penis, through the lining of the urethra inside the penis.
--- End quote ---

now broken pimple is consdered a cut, but the difference is it is not on the penis, it is in the pubic region and exposed for such a small time (1 to 2 mins). so what you guys think? andy? ann? anyone else?


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