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Question re finding a doctor


My adult son has recently (2 wks. ago) been diagnosed HIV pos.  He lives in W. Los Angeles near Santa Monica, and although he is seeing an excellent ID Dr., I'm feeling like it's important for him to find an HIV Specialist.  I know they have to be certified and have 20+ current HIV pos patients in their practice.  The certification means they've studied the minimum required # of hours on HIV, treatments, etc., so I think this is the best way to go.  Maybe it can be that he just adds an HIV specialist to his "team" of caregivers, I don't know, but so far, it's been difficult to try and find one. 

I'm hoping he can find one that's not too terribly far from where he lives, works, and oh yeah, he is also in school, so time is not abundant, though we all know this is extremely important.

Anybody out there seeing an HIV Spec., or know of any in his area, or who to check with on how to find?

Many thanks to anyone responding or for even reading.

Loving Mom

Our daughter sees a PID (pediatric infectious disease doctor) who is also an HIV specialist.  I'm not sure how many patients she has all together, but I do know that our daughter is the youngest (she's 7yrs old) and that most of her practice deals with teenagers and young adults.  We really didn't have to "find" her.  There are only 2 Id docs in our state and one is currently serving in Iraq.  Mini's PID has been with her since birth and we really have liked her a lot.

Good luck on your search and let us know how it goes.


Thanks for responding, and my very sincere best wishes to you and Mini.  I'll be thinking about you.



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