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I had a sex with prostitute three days ago. It was, using condom from start to the end... sounds safe, right? But after I took codnom off , touching it more or less (!). After I woke up ( sorry for embarassing details ) , that is after 5 hours, I masurbated. I finally realized that I forgot to wash hands. So assuming that the woman was infected, could the fact that hands havent been washed be a reason to go to test myself.

Oh, and one more thing. I think that she was wet inside , maybe because of some lubrication ... Does this also lead to conlcusion : go , get tested !

Freaking out as most of folks here ... Help !!!

Thanks in advance 

No risk.

Andy Velez:
The important thing is that you used a condom for intercourse. They provide very effective protection.

All of the other details that you are scaring yourself with are completely irrelevant. HIV is not transmitted by hand. Even if your hand was moist with her vaginal secretions that is NOT a risk for HIV transmission.

Read our lesson on Transmission. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

There's no need for testing nor for further concern about HIV in relation to his incident.

Thanks folks! I did read about hiv transmission, but found my case ... sort of exeptional. I wanted just to make sure.
I once went through testing ( after non-protected sex ) and it was just crazy ! 
Last time, i wrote about,  I had a condom on from start to the end,
however there was that one "but" question ...
Meanwhile I called aids hotline, and the guy asked : Do You plan to get tested each time you have sex with a woman, even when you were protected?
I didnt know what to say ... I guess he is right ...
Thanks for rapid response.

Andy Velez:
When someone is alone with their fears their particular situation is always "exceptional" -- to them.

Keep using those condoms. It doesn't matter whom you are with. They do the job and provide very effective protection.



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