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Rash or Open Wound? Am I Infected?


     Last week I visited a Gentleman's Club and received what would have been a very normal lapdance.  However, several days prior to this I had shaved my chest and abdomen (why, I don't really know) and caused a raging razor rash.  By the time I entered the club, it was healing somewhat and presented as a congregation of raised red pimples that slightly itched.  None of them were open and weeping, as best I could tell.

     The dancer raised my shirt and began to massage my chest, repeatedly touching the areas covered by the rash.  She did touch herself several times during the dance, but I do not know if she actually had vaginal secretions on her fingers.  She also licked my nipples briefly.  My pants stayed on the whole time.

     I am increasingly becoming anxious and concerned about this incident.  My questions are:  (1) Does the rash I have described constitute an open sore or wound (non-intact skin)?  (2) IF the dancer had vaginal fluid on her hands, would her touch on my rash cause infection?  (3) Should I protect my wife (and risk our marriage) over this?

     Please help by responding.....

Andy Velez:
It wouldn't have mattered if she was dripping vaginal fluids profusely on your while performing the lap dance. Nor would her licking your nipples have mattered either. HIV is a fragile virus that requires a receptive setting for transmission. None of the activities you have mentioned even remotely qualify as such.

Read our lesson on transmission which you can find a link to in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

This was absolutely NOT an incident which put you at risk for HIV.


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