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Hi All,

I haven't been around much lately... I've been going through alot of changes since moving to KC.  KC is definitely not NY, but I am adjusting.  I found myself feeling homesick so this past Saturday I flew into JFK and now I am in my mom's house writing this message.  I have to type quickly cause I don't know how long my internet connection will hold out.  I'm on my laptop with a very, very weak wireless connection.  I keep losing it, I hope I get this off in time.

Anyway, it feels good to be back in Brooklyn... I've seen quite a few of my good friends and even disclosed to more people.  Most people know my status these days and I feel good about it.  Nobody knew I was coming back --- it was a last minute decision and I love surprising people, and boy, were they all surprised.  So far things are going well and I'm feeling much better.  I'll be going back home to KC this Saturday -- I MISS JOHN VERY MUCH.  But this was a much needed journey for me at this time because having left so abruptly a few months ago I felt that I left too many doors opened.  I didn't have any closure... the time was now that I needed to close those doors and be free to live my life in KC with John.

So, my reason for not being on the forums very much lately has been because I didn't want to piss & moan about being homesick -- although I know I could have, I just didn't want to be a baby.  I'm doing well and will report back when I get back to KC.  Like I said, my signal here is very low and I would hate to type a long winded post (as I usually do) and have it lost forever.

Will see you all soon.  And please know that I think of you all, everyday, and do check in on the forums as well.  Been reading, but not posting much.  I'll be back before long.

Love to you all...

Trish :-* :)

Hey Trish, Im glad you haven't forgotten us, but do you really think we'd let you?  Not a chance.  I know what it's like to be homesick, I moved states 2 years ago and left everything behind all of a sudden, and for love.  I never regretted that decision, but it is good to go back and close those doors still ajar.  Hurry back to your man.

love and hugs

Hey Trish....Glad to hear from you sweetie.  Hope Mom's doing ok....You mentioned KC...I'll be in Louisville in August...I bet you miss John something terrible.......  I know he must miss you.  Take care sweetie and keep in touch.

Hugs & Giggles


glad you were able to go back and wrap up some unfinished business in NYC.  Funny how we get so used to seeing people on here, and wonder if everything is okay when suddenly there are no more posts!

Take care and travel safely,

Hi Trish

I can understand your need to go back and see family and friends, it will take a while but the home sickness will soon pass...I miss my friends in Aussie, but things get a little easier with time, I think the trick is to keep yourself busy.

I thought I would leave you with a little something my Grandmother used to say ...because you mentioned closing doors.

."When saying goodbye to friends never SLAM the door behind you, the door is much easier to open again when closed gently"

Jan :-*


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