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Hello, I really would appreciate if someone could give me a response. This is my story
I had unprotected sex from April to August 18th ( That was my last exposure date)
Oct 31       I got tested but was still in the window period ( 11 weeks )
Nov 18    I got tested again came back negative ( 13 weeks)
However, my original reason for getting tested was a diarrhea for like a month and then once that stopped I started getting orange anal slimly discharge after I went to the washroom from the bum ( I have never had any type of anal sex or anything)

Nov 1      I got my first canker sore of my life, along with the worst pain in my mouth in my life. Itís not a typical sore throat. Itís really red at he back of my mouth and I have an aching pain in the back of my mouth and the top of my mouth as well. The top of my mouth is earthier aching with pain, or is itchy. I was treated for strep throat, but it didnít do anything, then they said it must be viral then.  Its been a MONTH now and Iím still having aching pain on the roof of my mouth and back of my mouth ( top of throat).  I also have a slightly/small red rash on my chest and sometime my legs.  I realize that people normally test at the 13 week mark, but could this not be my body forming the antibodies? Could this in any way be related? Itís been a month, most normal viral infections donít last that long. Please help me, Iím really worried. I have no immune deficiency, and I was on lorazapam meds when I got the first test done, but not the second. I am convinced I have it and my body is one of those one in a whatever amount of time that isnít showing up. Please I need to know if my mouth problems could be related to HIV. Thanks so much

Read the posting guidelines found in the "Welcome" forum. Don't double post. You're negative and your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. See a doctor if you have concerns.

Andy Velez:
Like Rod I just want to say without a doubt this is NOT an HIV situation. You have reliable tested negative for HIV so that is eliminated.

You need to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. We can't diagnose anything here. I will say other STDs are much easier to acquire than HIV. We always recommend that anyone who's sexually active have a full STD panel done regularly -- at least annually and every six months is even better.

Lastly, you need to know that everytime you have unprotected intercourse you are putting your life at risk. It's as stark and as simple as that. You can have as much intercourse as you want to and their HIV is irrelevant as long as you always wear a condom. No exceptions, no matter what you think you know of the other person's history or how great they look. Use condoms. Everytime. They do the job. Learn from this experience and start protecting yourself.

I'm sorry for double posting before, I thought I did it wrong the first time. Thanks for your responses. I just wanted to clarify that the roof of your mouth being itchy along with the back of my mouth aching with pain is not a HIV symptom? Its not difficult to swallow or talk, its just is extremely red and achy/ weird pain both in my in the back of my mouth and top of my mouth/ basically a huge annoyance .
Thanks Again

I"m sorry I'm not too good at this type of thing....
i just want to clarify that the aching pain in the back of my mouth( severe redness) and the aching pain/itch on the top of my mouth is not an hiv symptom? Also i have like a sore on the top of my mouth that just turned up this afternoon. Its not a canker, its just red bump


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