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Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone here is taking K Pax supplements from Jon Kaiser. I read his book and get the newsletter and his study seems convincing. I already take multivits but would like to know if someone here had noticeable improvements after using kpax. They are now available in the UK and I could get them shipped or buy loads whenever I visit my London friends.


ah ha, i see...we are talking about the supposed wunder-supplement, as opposed to messrs spacey and bridges and psych patients from other planets...

article here for you, from The Body, might help:

hmm...while i'm in favour of all the supplements and natural stuff, this has been marketed in a way which i don't have much time for. yes, multivitamins and minerals and pro/pre biotoics etc can all help improve/maintain health. But you can get the same thing, for a fraction of the price, in your local health food shop. Or, you can just adjust your diet, so's you get what you need without having to swallow zillions of extra pills (says she, bathroom cabinet bulging with natural potions..)

& always discuss with dr/pharmacist first...


We have had discussions on K Pax in the past and while the idea is good there was a concensus that it would be cheaper if you bought the vitamins from your local health store individually.

I went to a seminar with the doctor from the Bay area who "discovered" these vitamins.  While his information was awesome and of course you wanted to "drink the kool-aid" the monthly cost of the vitamins are upwards of $800 a month!  Pretty shitty when someone says that something might help and then makes it totally unattainable for most of us.


I buy my vitamins online at an organization set up specifically for HIV + people with their budget in mind.
It is much cheaper than any place else.  Check it out>


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