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Hi....i have been visiting this forum for the last 5 years since 2002 but never exposed my own experience in tihs forum. Now hear's my story.5 Years back way in dec 02 i had a encounter with a a prostitute unprotected oral and protected sex. After the encounter i asked her whether she was HIV+ bus she said no and she tests herself regularly. This was my first time i ever had sex with a prostitute hence had no experience in it. This kept going over my mind the entire night and the very next day i developed the first symptoms a burning feeling in my left leg. Two days later in started in the other leg as well. I went to the doctor and he said there was nothing to worry about. The 4th Day i had a headache which last for 3 months constantly. Other symptoms were lymp nodes in neck,insomnia and hypertension, could not eat properly.I was exausted with this symptoms and i went for a test whcih turned out to be negative. 6 moths later as the doctor said i went for 1 more repeat test which again turned out to be negative. The symptoms of headache and insomnia went of after some time bu the buring feeling is still there whcih last year has also started i ny palms. i am worried about the its been 5 years. The doctor says its stress and vitamin defieciency but i am not able to digest the fact. Now the time has come when i have to go for a medical checkup for my new employment hence worried and would need advice from experts here especailly Andy whom i have been following for last 5 yeras.

If negative test results, direct consultation with a doctor and 5 YEARS of reading this forum haven't done the job already, I am really eager to know what magic words Andy could say that would suddenly make it click for you.

This isn't HIV, you are negative.  You said yourself:  you just aren't able to digest that fact.

That doesn't sound like something that can be corrected by us over the internet. 


If you're having such a difficult time accepting your negative hiv status, then perhaps it's time you sought out some help in dealing with this. A professional counselor or therapist can teach you ways of dealing with your anxious thoughts concerning hiv and your health in general. Your doctor should be able to give you a referral. Five years is far too long for you to be carrying this around with you. Get some face-to-face assistance so you can get on with and enjoy your life.

You do not have hiv. In fact, you didn't have a risk in the first place. Keep using those condoms and you'll remain hiv negative. They really do prevent hiv transmission - when used correctly and consistently. Read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use them with confidence.


Thanks...all of you for the expert suggestions. Actually i am worried a lot for the test and my symptoms are not yet gone. Don't really know what that indicates and that also for such a long period.?????

Andy Velez:
Your symptoms are something to be discussed with your doctor. This is NOT an HIV situation as you have already correctly been told. No testing is necessary for HIV.


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