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Another change in the works

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I saw my doc today and, in between discussing other folks, we talked about my ongoing gastric distress.

While Pepcid and Tums kept it under control for a while, they have stopped helping.

No matter how well Reyataz is working for me, not to mention zero side effects, I have decided to switch to Lexiva.

Lexiva doesn't have the proton pump inhibitor issue and it is a straight-across trade, one PI for another.

The only difference is I will have to take it and 100 mgs of Norvir twice a day. It is no big deal since I have to take my Combivir twice a day anyway,

So, I'll drop off the script tomorrow and should have my new meds by Friday or Saturday at the latest.

Wish me luck.




Here's hoping this time is a charm for you.... will be pulling for you!



YOu would think after all this HAART business I would know something about Nucs and Non Nucs and PI's and the world of gastronomy but it all still throws me for a loop.

I do know you're having a hard time and it just kills me.  I'll do what I can though and send the spirits your way.


I hate stomach problems. Good luck Mark, hope this works.

good luck Mark...

I hate stomach problems too...Kaletra almost killed me (sort of speak) but after 6 years on it I guess my body realized I'm not going to stop taking it and I don't have 1/2 as many issues anymore.

BIG HUGS with lots of LOVE



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