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Hi.. Will. like some info..

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I wrote a topic in the treatment forums, but no ones seems to be online there...

here is the link..

if anyone have some info, will be largely appreciatted,

I hope no one finds this unrespectfull, just looking for some answers as a troubled soul....

thanks again...

Matty the Damned:

The Treatment forum is highly specialised and thus low traffic. It's not uncommon for threads to languish there for days or weeks before someone gets around to answering.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and presume that you're an HIV positive member like me. If that's the case you should try reposting in Living With or ask a friendly Moderator to move this thread there for you. It's high traffic and where most of the HIV positive members hang out. You don't have to slum it here in Am I Infected with the Worried Wells. ;)

If you're not HIV positive then there's probably not a lot we can do other than to ask why you're wondering about that particular combination of medications.



Hi matty,  yet, tested but  waiting for a conclussive result, but sympotamic (very.. candida.. oral leukoplakia,... swollen lymph nodes more than a year...sore throat... dry coughts.. .got some skin infection earlier this year...  ) and the most definitive ....  with a ex Girlfriend who tested positive....  so.. . i guess that will  .. right ?

I did not post this in the living forum since I do respect this place and i know it is a sacred place for people who has only been handled the positive test result...officially...

so i am in the shadows right now... but i do feel the need to know more... i am trying to prepare...

so basically i am in that frame of mind, and can not get a sleep right now.. I hope the people dont find a problem to help me in this matters since i am very ignorant about this...

thanks for your kind and quick reply .. .

Matty the Damned:

You're right not to post in Living With. You shouldn't post in Treatments or the other specialist forums either. I seem to remember your name from the old forums . . . .

Anyways, before you go freaking out about your HIV positive ex-girlfriend you should probably read our Welcome Thread. Similarly it would help if you posted some more details about any risk behaviours you've engaged in so we can address your specific questions.


Get some sleep. Take a sleep pill for a couple of days if you have to. And wait for your results. OK? I've responded to your question in the other forum, assuming you were positive. Jay


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