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Hi .. i live put of the us ... and in a small country.. this is the only regimen they have for now.. since and it uses the generic pills..

if not resistant.. and adherent.... and presenting no problems.. how long it is proved to be a benefit ?

whats the average life of its effectivness ?

sorry for the ignorance.. and thanks again..

There is no way of saying exactly how long a drug regimen will benefit a patient. This is unfortunate. We all want answers, neat and clear answers. I'm afraid I can't give you one. There are many factors involved.

First, the bad stuff: there can be possible resistance (as you mentioned), side effects, you could have a strong strain of the virus, which attacks the immune system more strongly. Now the good news: AZT+3TC+EFV is an excellent combo, tried and tested -- in fact it's on the US government's list of "preferred" drug regimens. So you're taking excellent drugs. Seriously. Nearly three years after after starting AZT/3TC/EFV, the average (median) increase in CD4 counts -- an important way to determine your immune system's health -- increased by 300, with fewer side effects than other therapies. That's good news.

Many people continue to live normal lives for many, many years on their first triple-drug regimen. And then, should you develop problems, more drugs will be available as generics. So, don't worry about the future just yet.I would go about my life as before (well, having safe sex), living healthy, and enjoying each day.

If there are any questions you have, or if I've used terms that are unfamiliar, please write back.


I'm locking this thread as the original poster has not tested positive.


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