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Caffeine even in small amounts causes anxiety sleeplessness Doctor said quit

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Caffeine even in small amounts causes anxiety sleeplessness Doctor said quit

this is the best thing the Doctor at big university hiv clinic ever told me and it works

i was having anxiety and anxiety attacks every night and just from two cokes

when i stopped all Caffeine even in small amounts

all my anxiety sleeplessness

went away

there was even an article about it up on the  wall of the exam room

so if you have any mental issues first get all substances out of your life

god knows what cigs will do

i never did pot but

there was a very good scientific american article a few years ago about the brain producing natural canabiliods and how that was  regulator of mood so if you or on med marijuana i would not be against that

even one cup of coffee in AM can cause anxiety all day and even panic attacks at night

Ya know...that's just swell & all, but at a certain point life just ain't livin' for me.  Give me coffee or give me death.

my only vices are smoking and drinking Coke.

I gave up the cigs a month ago  ;D

but I will never give up my 2-liter a-day Coke habit.  >:(
(as I told my doc, I'll give up my HIV meds first LOL)

(who sleeps like a baby every night)

I didn't know about this. I just started drinking coffee everyday a few years ago. There seems to be so  many different reports about coffee now. I'm starting to wonder what is right.

Coffee certainly CAN have those effects; but there are compromises, short of giving up, that you make to eliminate the problems.

Other than giving up smoking, I really havenít gotten into this idea that all these supposedly Ďbadí things have to be totally eliminated from my life.

Moderation works fine for me .. and I would be lost without that first cup of strong black coffee first thing in the morning (which, by the way, I have found to be by far and away the most effective way of warding off Truvada headaches).


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