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Scared and Frantic:
Please pardon the intrusion. I'm sorry to open another thread. When I click "Show own posts" nothing comes up. This was posted on the old boards and I wanted to again ask for expert opinions on a situation that I really didn't think much about at the time.

I was on call on 4/26/06. I have eczema/dermatitis on my forearms near my elbows. The patches of eczema were not weeping or bleeding, but they did burn when tested with alcohol. An emergency patient came in who was super unstable. He had been doing cocaine before being brought in so he might have also been HIV positive. Brownish bloody fluid was on the sheet he was lying on and some smears of it were next to him on a sheet or blue chux. I did not have my usual gown on due to the speed with which he came in. I had to lift him over onto the bed. My forearms might have touched the blood, I don't know. I don't recall feeling anything wet, but I was concentrating on helping the patient. I certainly did not put all of my weight down on the blood but my arms might have brushed it. I had to stay with the patient for a couple of hours since he was very unstable, which means at least a couple of hours passed by before I could wash my arms.

As I said, I didnít think much of it at the time since my eczema wasnít running or bleeding, it just burned with alcohol. And I didnít recall feeling anything wet on the sheet. I'm dealing with my OCD so I had actually put the episode out of my mind. But 0n 6/21/06 until more or less 7/7/06 I had been having tender lymph nodes and lots of muscle aches that come and go and move around somewhat but seem more constant in my calf muscles. Also streaking pains in my head which change sides. I havenít noted any fever, but I know that doesnít necessarily occur or I just might not have noticed. Does this sound like seroconversion illness? Do the muscle pains of seroconversion act like that?

Iíve seen talk on here about dendritic cells in the skin that actually bring the virus inside under the skin where it is then brought to the lymph nodes where it can take over and start the infection. Is that a factor in my case? I read with interest HIVworker's message a while back about blood forming a lattice as it dries. Is that only for blood on a hard surface or does it also hold for blood on a cloth sheet or blue chux? Would the cloth fibers keep the lattice from forming? How "nonintact" does "nonintactĒ skin have to be before transmission can occur assuming the patient was positive? Does the skin need to be bleeding or weeping?

Thank you so much. Again, Iím sorry for the intrusion. I have an appointment for an HIV test tomorrow, but Iím scared to pieces and have no one to talk to. Due to my own stupidity it looks as though I might need to join the ďliving withĒ forum, that is, if I would be welcome there after intruding upon you all like this. Sorry, itís just that Iím scared, anxious, and sad. Thanks so much. I wonít bother you again. By tomorrow I will know one way or another.

Edited to make paragraphs.

Matty the Damned:
Brother, heard of paragraphs? Oy!

That to one side, we've changed to new forums software. Your old thread is not available here.

As I understand it, you're concerned about HIV because you may or may not have brushed your forearm against something wet in your workplace, which is a hospital -- yes? If so, HIV is not a concern for you. Doesn't your place of employment provide basic training to staff about these issues? You might want to consider discussing that with your boss.

Symptoms mean nothing when it comes to diagnosing HIV, so your skin condition is not relevant to this. Nor are your swollen nodes. Lymph nodes swell for all sorts of reasons, it's not specific to HIV infection. Prodding them all the time is one sure fire way to make 'em bulge.

You should read our friendly Welcome Thread which explains HIV transmission and testing methods. Amongst other things.

I would think this is certainly an OCD situation. You should seek therapy for that condition. If you already are, continue with it.



I am going to give you a very harsh lesson.

You first of all, as a health care worker, need to learn and understand tranmission risks.  You don't get hiv by your purported 'exposure' which is casual contact.

For a health care worker to not know that is unforgivable.  You should quit your job because you are unable to provide the services you are supposed to.

You most certainly are NOT welcome in the living with forum since you are not hiv positive.   Post there and fear the retribution.

If you lack so much education and understanding about hiv, you should talk to your work about that so they can inform you are reassign you to a job where you shouldn't have to worry.

I hear mcdonalds is hiring.

Offensive to you?  It should be.  You are being completely offensive to everybody here who does have hiv.  As a health care worker you should know better.  Get some mental health care because you need it a whole lot.

Hi All,

Sorry I have to ask my question here but I cannot view the main "Infected" thread forum as I am behind a company firewall that looks for "words" that it disapproves and once a certain number of words is reached, it makes the page non-viewable, so I cannot see the "Infected" forums threads, just this one from a link on the main page.

My question is related to ARS.

Does ARS all occur at once, for instance, do you come down with fever, aches, sickness, sore throat, etc all at once.


Can it be, you have a sore throat for 3 days, then that clears and you feel sick for a few days, then that clears, and your muscles start to ache, and that clears, IE: does it come at once, or can it happen in this kind of order where it all comes in bits and pieces over a few weeks.

Im curious how it comes in most cases, I know everyone is different.



Like Dingo I'm a little surprised that someone who works in a health care setting doesn't have a fairly well grounded understanding of hiv transmission basics.  

Nothing you present is a risk for hiv infection.

By the way, why would you equate cocaine use with hiv infection.  Stereotyping potential hiv risks is dangerous and rooted in ignorance.  

Do yourself a favor and get up to speed..... this site is a perfect place for it.



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