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Ann or any expert,

I continue to be concerned about an insertive oral risk exposure.  I know you steadfastly state that there is 0 risk associated with this activity, but there are so many experts that state otherwise.  Also, I am aware of the semidiscordant studies which have shown no new infections by this route but what I am concerned about is the fact that when someone claims he was infected  via oral, I imagine the experts immediately dismiss this claim even if it is true. In addition, scientific studies that prove one thing are often found to be an issue on repeat studies or studies that continue over  longer periods of time.  The biggest concern as I stated earlier is when someone has had insertive oral and vaginal or anal, it is assumed that the higher risk activity was the route of transmission.  How does anyone know this?

So my story is no different, I had insertive oral from a CSW in China 10 weeks ago and I am deathly afraid of infection and more importantly infecting my wife who now has ARS type symptoms.  This was my only exposure after 30 years of a completley monogamous relationship.  I also had a full STD screen at 5 weeks and 3 days all of which were negative which was 5 weeks ago now.  I plan to get another test in about 2 more weeks at the 12 week mark to be sure but I am worried to death I have infected my wife already.  She has severe muscle aches and joint pains, fever, cough and can barely move.  I feel that I must have HIV at this point and am WORRIED TO DEATH.  I imagine if i did come down with HIV, the experts would dismiss this as an unreliable report but it is the only exposure that I have had.  I am afraid that this is one of the reasons why oral is identified as low/no risk because such few people particpate in only one behavior and oral is not unmasked or experts immediately dismiss the case report as being not reliable.  For example, if worried93's claims were in fact true, everyone would say it happened from the condom failure.  Why not from Oral given that his condom really didnt fail.


Gee, it sounds like your wife has the flu. Really odd considering we're in the middle of cold and flu season. No, that's too logical, it simply MUST be that Chinese blowjob!

Get a grip, man. Hiv transmission simply does not happen from the oral cavity to the penis. No way, no how. I've just come out of an eight year relationship and he remained hiv negative, despite more blowjobs than you can shake a stick at. I'm not on meds either, so I've ALWAYS had a detectable viral load.

Not only is saliva not infectious, it also contains over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that damage hiv and render it unable to infect.

You didn't have a risk. If your wife's FLU gets any worse, make a doctor's appointment for her and next year, get flu shots.


So-I am assuming you are saying that I didnt need to test in the first place.  How reliable is my 5 week and 3 day test anyhow?  Also, would you mind just addressing some of my points regarding the possibility that oral could be a risk factor or is it just some remote that it really is not worrying about.  I cant seem to stop obsessing about this.  I had a few symptoms such as recurring geographic tongue which i never had before, frequent bouts of diarhrea which i assume is from stress-but who knows, fullness in my armpits, and conjunctivitis.  I'm really afraid to get the next test due to my wifes symptoms!  I know i need to get a grip and extra reassurance will some sound scientific reasoning will help.  Sorry to be a pest as I know am probably worrying unnecessarily.

Yes, you are worrying needlessly. You didn't have a risk. If you have a concern about your symptoms see your doctor. They are unrelated to HIV.

Why do some boards say oral is a small risk such as medshelp (Dr. Handsfield) a renown expert in HIV.  Admitedly he says that it is too small to worry about it but yet he does say there is a risk. he used to say anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks is pefectly fine to get a test but now he is saying 6- 8 weeks which has me worried since mine was at 5 weeks and 3 days. Other reputable sites that do not seem to be driven by a political agenda also say the risk is small but yet a risk.  Even in your lessons, you dont say with 100% certainty that it is no risk. 


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