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peripheral neuropathy

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Theres a drug available in UK called gabapentin/neurontin. Works for me but a lot of docs don't like to prescribe it because its so expensive. I've fould that shiatsu massage helps too. I've actually been accused of being drunk at 8am in the morning because I couldnt feel my feet and therefore balance! Having developed PN before meds I'm really worried it'll get worse, you have my total empathy, its a bore getting 'legless' without the booze!

Neurontin is available in the US as a generic drug.  It helps some folks, didn't do it for me.  I had to take too much and felt like a zombie all the time.  Lyrica and Mobic didn't work.  Really, only massage, accupuncture, nerve stimulation and the rebuilder have helped.  The rebuilder is just a TNS unit that you use while your feet are in warm water.  It send electrical impulses up your spine to your brain and it also increases circulation in your legs/feet.

As for being diabetic and having HIV, I don't believe you will be hit doubly hard.  Since you are diabetic, you might ask your doc to let you try Lyrica.  Personally, I don't care for drugs that alter my mind, hence I never liked taking anti-seizure or antidepressants, even though they can really work well for some folks.

It has been 2 weeks today since my back surgery and even though I was THRILLED 4 days after surgery and had no more leg/feet pain, it HAS come back.  I'm hoping that it is a temporary thing while the nerves heal.  I honestly don't want to spend the rest of my life on narcotics.  I guess if it doesn't get better, I'll consider having another surgical procedure to have a nerve stimulator implanted.  They can also implant morphine pumps.  You require a lot less medication that way, but it is still living on narcotics.  Yuck!

The test with the needles under the skin is just another type of EMG.  I've had about 10 or 12 of them over the years.  I already KNEW I had pain, but they wanted to document it.  I'm back to being miserable again with the pain in my feet now worse than before the surgery.  Again, I hope it will resolve in time.   I will start physical therapy in about 2 weeks.  That will be 4 weeks since the surgery.  I can walk fine, but have a hard time sitting and especially rising from sitting.  Have to put my hands on my thighs and push off like doing a bench press.  I'm glad I'm a gym person for the past few years.  Otherwise this would be so much harder for me.

If you google clinical trials of PN you'll get a lot of info.  Or just google peripheral neuropathy and there will be more than you can ever read.  Remember, not everything works the same for everybody.

Wishing you all well.


The Oct 2006 Feet First article mentions eliminating booze or cutting back on it is probably a good thing


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