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Support Groups in NYC


Hi everyone,
thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I just wanted to know if there are any support groups in NYC for grieving the lose of a love one.

My Friend and her lover split after 12 years, and she is in bad shape...

Thank you.

Andy Velez:
If your friend is poz she might try GMHC. They have various groups.

If she is lesbian, she might also try the GLBT Center on 13th Street. They also various kinds of support.


Theres a great place in NYC, but its in the Bronx..
Its called Monterforie hospital...I volunteered there for 2 yrs .
We ran groups for all kinds of reasons..Mosty aids related..
There is also North Central in the Bronx ..Its on the 11th floor.
They run all kinds of groups as well..

I know your from Brooklyn, so If I were you I would go to what Andy suggested..
Its much closer to you than going into the Bronx..

Check out the places Andy posted first...If that isn't right for you for some reason,
then check out the 2 places in the Bronx...

They are both close to each other...Only a block apart...

Hope you find the group you are looking for..

Hi Bpoz, the Friends Indeed organization helps people with issues of loss and.or illness


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