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Here is a link from the US State Department on entry requirements.

Some countries only require hiv testing if one is applying for a permanent or work visa. The US has one of the most restrictive entry requirements. They can turn away a hiv + person at customs, even if the person is just on vacation, and not applying for residency.

Here is another link I found on traveling to the US

If you read down, there is a part on health care too.

Thanks everybody for answering me. With the contacts, you gave to me, we can organize the next steps. At the moment, he wants to stay for 6 months and he needs the therapy. We know, that it is almost impossible to come to the states for people with HIV (officially). But the hints we give to our clients, normally work. In his case, we have to organize a longer period and he will be able to check the things with the right contacts.

Thanks a lot and the very best greetings from Germany



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