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Dear friends in this american forum,


Iím working for a health organisation in Frankfurt/Germany and one of my HIV-positive clients, an 18 years old boy, is going to visit his father in miami and some relatives in Austin/Texas. Now, he needs information about how he can oganize to get the therapy in America, what about the costs, are there specialized doctors nearby etc.

Is it possible to get these informations from your side or do you have any addresses/contacts where I can get the answers?

Thanks a lot



Thanks for your help and the very best greetings from Frankfurt


Michael Bohl


I don't live in Miami, but I do know he can more than likely go to a local HIV/AIDS clinic to inquire about possible treatment.  I'm not sure of the residency requirements for Florida or Texas (if would have had to live there for a specific time), so he might want to get Florida (or Texas?) Identification as soon as he can.

You didn't mention how well his English is, or if he may need someone to translate.  Whomever works with him for any kind of treatment are going to need as much information as he can provide (when was he diagnosed, why did he get tested, does he use drugs outside of what is prescribed etc.).  I believe many of the clinics here in the U.S.A. "specialize" in HIV/AIDS.  Oh, and most, if not all clinics check for Tuberculosis by X-Ray.

Your best bet for contacts are to "Google" AIDS Miami and/or AIDS Austin.  There will be email contacts  and other information for you to check out.

The best place to start in Austin is ASA--AIDS Services of Austin.  They're the people that have all the info, all the referrals, caseworkers to help organize everything.

Is he coming just to visit?  Or will he be staying for an extended time? If so, low long?  Is he on HAART now? 

The US does not allow HIV+ people through customs.  He can get around that, of course, by saying "NO" if they ask him if he is positive.   They usually don't ask that question but if they check his luggage, etc and find the pills, then they will not let him in.  Tell him not to volunteer any information.    That is why I'm asking if he is already on medication.  If so, he should send the pills to his father or whoever he is staying with before he leaves.   That way he should have no problem getting in. 

If he is staying for a long period of time and needs access to medication, he will need a local address.  I'm not sure what the requirements are for an 18 year old.

No s__t?  HIV+'s aren't allowed thru customs?  What other countries are like that?


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