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Provigil for fatigue

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Hi everyone

I've been living with HIV for more than 21 years.  Fatigue was a big part of my life until recently when I joined a clinical trial for Provigil for people with HIV and fatigue.  Provigil (also known as modafinil) is approved for people with narcolepsy, and is being studied for people with HIV.  It makes me feel very alert while not feeling anxious.  The mental boost is enough to kick off the motivation to get more things done, including exercise.  I have gotten so much accomplished since I started taking it. 

My study is in the New York City area, and I am not sure where else there are trials.  The study head is Dr. Judith Rabkin (212) 543-5762.


Matty the Damned:
Welcome to the Forums Bill!

I'm glad to hear that Provigil is working for you. Here's hoping that other HIVers who experience debilitating fatigue have similar good results.

Kind regards,


That's great news about the Provigil. Judith Rabkin is a respected researcher (she's done many studies with HIV-positive folk and fatigue or depression; I know the ones using testosterone and DHEA). How long have you been taking the modafinil?

I have a request -- could you also post this on the Fatigue and Anemia forum on the website They get a lot of hits; the expert on that forum, Bob Frascino, is poz himself and very popular. I'm sure a lot of people would like to read this info on that site.


Thanks for the feedback, MtD and Jay... I will post on thebody.

I have been taking Provigil for 3 months... I noticed the effect immediately.  I have been able to do things I had not been able to for many years.


Things that make you go "hmmmm...."  

Patricia Case, Harvard University professor of social science and infectious disease, says Provigil is an amphetamine-like product approved in 1998 and used extensively by the military in Iraq to keep forces alert for up to 40 hours.  :-\  :-\

 :-\ bill: check in with us if you get a moment


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