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So before I stopped working due to PML I had worked for Discover Card for 15 years.  Everyone knew I was gay and then there were those old timers around the office who knew my first partner Pedro and knew he died of Lymphoma due to AIDS.  I did not publicize my own HIV status but I never hid it either. I once signed a banner for a time capsule by saying "By the time this is opened I hope there is a cure for AIDS,I am the face of AIDS". Then there was the time a newhire came to me in HR because he got a call from the Red Cross about a recent blood drive donation.  I hardly knew him but he had heard rumors about me.  I offered to go with him and I sat with him when they told him he tested positive for HIV.  So last night I had a dream about work and another newly diagnosed co-worker.  In my dream I told him about this wonderful AIDSMEDS family,gave him the website address and urged him to become a member.I've always been a dreamer and now I can add this family to the long list of things I dream about.

cool, sounds clairvoyant!
... i dreamt about a Madonna concert but in it she was lipsyncing (badly)

look at Wikipedia's page on precognition


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