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feeling sketchy!

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Excuse the horrible photos of them, I lack a scanner.

So, what else to do at 6 in the morning? I felt like sketching.

A fox boy type character. I tried to make him look kind of tribal.
But yes, that's fishnet he's wearing.  ;D

So you can see the crap on his face better.

From the Lion King! I was just watching and it's a crappy sketch but I felt like sketching
my favorite part of the movie. Rafiki (the baboon) and Simba (the lion) were talking,
and Simba stated that 'you can't change the past'. And was promptly bopped on
the head by Rafiki's stick.

The picture says:
Simba: That hurt!
Rafiki: Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it... or learn from it!

And then Rafiki swings the stick to hit him on the head again, but Simba ducks.

Lesson learned.  ;D

Hi Jaser

I LOVE your Fox boy, those are great sketches...and I loved the "Lion King", one of my favorite movies.

You have a lot of talent, I hope you are not going to waste it.

Big hugs
Jan :-*

Jaser, you are a very talented artist!   I think you show a lot of potential.

I also love the Lion King, it is the only 'cartoon' DVD I own.   I especially love the opening sequence, and ALL the music!




I'm always in awe of people who can draw as well as you do.  It's a talent i've always wished I had.

Take care buddy,

Thanks guys. Haha. I paint better than I sketch. xD I'll paint something nice soon, I haven't in a while, and then I'll post pictures.


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