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feeling terriable:
 ok here goes first off i want 2 say thnx 4 a good site
Now here is my situationiam 37 yrs old married 2 kids me and a buddie went 2 a strip club the last part of aug 2007 i got a lap dance by a stipper/prostitute i thought she was just a stripper till she offered oral sex and i accepted it lasted about 10 mins she was also masterbating me on and off between the BJ i would consider it kinda a ruff BJ and hand job i didnt finger her but did rub her clit i had a bleeding hang nail about 40 mins prior 2 the encounter but not sure if it was the finger i used or not. When the hand job would get kinda dry she would lick her hand or go down on me again 2 get it wet again. When the encounter first started she also slid my johnson between her titts kinda ruff 1 time.
 I had been using anabolic steriods for about a month or 3 weeks before this happened [500 mgs test e 300 mgs eq every week and 20 mgs dbol daily] the reason i throw the steriods in the mix is cause iam wondering if they could have lowered my immune system and made me more sucetable to contract the virus.
 Sorry for jumping around here just trying 2 remember 2 get everything in later that eveing[ after the BJ/ hand job]  i noticed a little red itchy bump on the base of my penis it really freaked me out it might have got a little white dot in the middle of it at about day 2 or 3 [like a pimple ] i never squeezed it or anything and was gone within a week or less but i was still freaked out went 2 the DR showed it 2 her she said it might be nothing or HSV1 wich i have had [HSVI] since i was about 19 or 20 [cold sores on my lips].
 I went 2 the DR 4  days after the exposure and told her i wanted tested for everthing and i think i was tested for GON,CHLOMIDIA, SYPHLIS, HIV ,HSV1 AND 2 , AND HEP C all came back neg except the HSV1 WICH NOW I KNOW NONE OF IT REALLY MEANS ANYTHING. Has anyone ever tested + that soon after exposure?

 I have been really anxious, nervous , depressed thinking i have hiv so many things gone threw my head, how will i provide 4 my family if i have this the embarresmant to them how would i afford the meds so many things

 Some of the symptoms i have had include night sweats loss of appetite dry cough , 2 colds in the last 2 to 2 and a half months both starting with a sore throat this last cold i have now i had a cold sore outbreak on my lip worse than i have had in about 4 or 5 yrs swollen tonsils before the cold and chest congestion set in wich i had read could be caused by an impaired immune function, periods of my stomach growling and burping , a light pink blotch on my biceps i know alot of these symptoms are probably cause by the stress iam putting myself under but what about the others the cols fever blister outbreak also had some low back pains and ear pains about 3 weeks after exposure i also thought i had a stomach virus wich it might have been no vomiting just feeling nausea for actually the naseua has come and gone the whole time  i also wonder if i could have got poked with a bad needle at the DR's office like i say so many things gone threw my head so i guess iam just asking 4 sugestions i have been waiting 2 test again at 13 weeks but that will be thanksgiving week can i test now but if its + that will reall ruin thanksgiving and what about the home tests the give results in mins are they accurate? please help me guys

Andy Velez:
The bottom line in all of this is that none of the activities which you have described were in any way risks for HIV transmission. No one has ever become infected by getting a blowjob and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first. All the rest of the fingering, touching, tasting and whatever are absolutely not risks.

If you decide to re-test for your peace of mind a negative HIV result is a slam dunk.

As for your white dot and any other symptoms, that's something to discuss with your doctor.

You're a dawg like a lot of us and you went wandering. You can't undo that. See it, accept it, take a breath and let it go.

This is NOT and HIV situation. Period.


feeling terriable:
oh and incase yr wondering about the steriods i have never shared a needle with anyone and the Bj/hand job was unprotected  i forgot 2 put that in there and what if her gums were bleeding really bad or she had a fever blister that was bleeding or oozing i never noticed any of that but what if?

feeling terriable:
Andy thank you so much for yr reply. but did you read the steriod part and doesnt that put me at a greater risk than someone else and also what if her gums were bleeding really bad or she had a bleeding oozing cold sore does that increase the risks?

Matty the Damned:
None of those things changes the fact that you were not at any risk of contracting HIV.

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