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Matty the Damned:
That's why the can't advertise them to the general public here, to stop people pestering doctors for drugs they think they need. The majority of prescription medications here are subsidised by the Commonwealth Government so I suspect it's a cost thing.

Prescription medications can be advertised to doctors in appropriate publications.




Probably out of fear of being (more) depressed I haven't researched who makes which drug and how many pharma companies there are.  But really if some poor poor person sees happy Magic Johnson and decides it's time they dealt with this horrible HIV thing they've been avoiding and sees a doctor and hops on ADAP...the liklihood that that drug company is going to get a hit with their cocktail (I have to assume) is pretty high, or at least fair.

But maybe I'm wrong. Merck, gilead...who else? I guess this would be another thread.

Nonetheless, I'm all for poor poor people being on ADAP. All the 'happy' ads just seem weird.

Oh yeah the other ad is 'Undedectible is JUST THE BEGINNING!!!' In happy script. This one has a gay/straight man on it. I always think, 'no fucking shit.'


No drug ads in the UK either. The first time I read POZ magazine I was struck by how much of it was given over to ads.

Here in the UK, Positive Nation Magazine has usually two drug company adverts. I grabbed one off the shelf at random just now - February 2006. The inside front cover shows two men embracing, with the caption, "Facing the future together". In the lower right hand corner (it's a full page ad) it says Gilead
Facing the Future
And that's it. No drug mention at all.

The back cover shows an outstretched hand holding a red ribbon. The caption reads,

In their hands it's a sign of awareness.
In your hands it's a sign of understanding.
In our hands it's a sign of commitment.
Abbott Laboratories Limited
for the duration
And again, that's it. No drug mention whatsoever. I've never understood the purpose of these ads. Are they supposed to make us "feel good", are they meant to make us feel grateful to the companies?

The thing I don't get, is how can the phama companies justify the huge advertising budgets they run through - when people cannot prescribe the drugs for themselves? They shout about how they spend so much on research and development (citing this as a reason to charge the prices they do), but their advertising/promotional budgets are much higher.

Prescription drug adverts of any type should be banned completely. Well, that's my opinion anyway. They just don't make any sense to me, The money from advertising budgets should be funneled into R&D and bringing down the cost of life saving drugs.


Most of the HIV billboard ads I've seen here in Alabama are aimed at getting people to "GET TESTED"...which I think is a good thing.  It does make one "think" if we who are HIV+ need to be reminded.

as ann says, no, fortunately, we don't have to look at these things over here...cynical part of me says it helps the men in white coats maintain their god-like position, knowledge being power, apparently. rest of me says, there is no place for mass marketing campaigns in medicine, this is pills and life-saving going on, not Gap's new season denim after all

yes, in PN there will be a couple, back and front pages, the one i like is the guys hugging, with the guitar slung over-shoulder...and all i'm thinking is not yes, this looks like a mighty fine drug to choose, but instead, i wonder if it would help my (shocking, shocking) lack of music making talent...?



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