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There was an episode of Queer as Folk, fourth season I think, which addresses just this problem of ads for ARVs -- smiling happy muscular people who are a pretty much a visual proclamation that HIV treatment is no biggie. Brian has started his own ad agency, Kinnetic, and he's up against his old agency for a lucrative new account, a new ARV that's going to hit the market. The old agency does its presentation -- conventional, radiantly happy athletes who all look like they're going to participate in the Gay Games. Brian does something completely different -- fairly stark visuals in B&W, portraits of ordinary people, with texts like "One day at a time" or something like that. (Brian gets the idea from Ben and Hunter, the poz father-son duo: Ben doesn't want Hunter looking at the ads and thinking treating HIV is a picnic with pornographic possibilities.) Of course, Brian gets the account. I'm not an especially ardent fan of QaF but I thought that was a good episode.

I watch too much TV. My current addiction is Oz, have gulped two seasons in four days.



And who would have known that a smart looking birthday boy, first grade, would one day end up watching that homoerotic Oz!!


When I was a little kid, I remember a TV commercial which remedied "iron poor tired blood,"  In all these years, I have never known one person who had "iron poor tired blood," it was just advertising.  As a college student, I majored in Media Communications and became the Advertising Manager for the paper on campus.  It was a paid position and I got a 50% commission on everything sold, soon after graduation, I opened up an Advertising Agency so advertising has for the most part been my life.

Advertising is not culture or art, it is a business and every business has a client.  For that client and the agency to make a living, someone has to pay.  Doctor will always have to take the time to talk about the newest wonder drug as seen on TV, that is doctor patient relationship building and most I have spoken with on this topic do not mind.

Logging in to this site tonight, I saw a Kaletra banner ad at the top of the page.  It is that advertising and others that keep this site open for all of us to share and whether or not we actually use that product is really up to us and our doctors.  Have the best day
Michael a lobbying site with no paid advertising


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