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To Anonymous who posted my full name on Bucko/Matty's blog

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Matty the Damned:

As you know I've imposed comment moderation at The Spin Cycle so that all comments posted in relation to our articles have to be approved by myself, Bucko or Red Ronnie before they're published. Since the regime has been in place, anonymous has not posted any further comments. All comments he did post about you have been deleted. He's an instant gratification whore. If he can't see his name up in lights straight away, then he won't post.

We're sorry this horrid person has done this to you. We're especially horrified that it happened on our blog. I know that words don't mean much in situations like this, but we offer them all the same.

With love and for The Spin Cycle,



I am so so sorry to hear this.  It really breaks my heart.  I really can't think of any posting on here that has affected me as much as this one. 

i've been wondering about you lately, hoping everything was all right.  I hope you'll come back and post some more.  Actually, what I really hope is for you to come to Montreal.  Is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY you can swing it?

There are assholes here, no doubt about that.    But not all of us. 

robert (redbluff)


I am so sorry Iggy...I've missed your wit and wisdom.



--- Quote ---that I wish him a fate similar to what I am now going to seek..
--- End quote ---


I'm sorry to hear about your current difficulties and I realize you were very specific about why you posted.  Your statement above gave me a lot of concern.  I hope I'm just misinterpreting it.  I wish things get better for you.



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