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Needles; accidentally scratching /pricking: Cases reported along the history?

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hello. people who work with garbage, medical workers, etc: all those who have accidentally receved a scratching or pricking from a needle(ltīs suppose that needle contains HIV). How HIV contagia are there reported? How frequent.  Statistically speaking.  I think I have read anywhere that there is not evidence supporting the accidental contagion. IS true?Thanks

Andy Velez:
Are you asking about a specific incident you have experienced? If so, you will get a more informed response about any potential risk if you can give specific details.

Hello Andy.

Recently,a girl friend of me, got stuck with a capped one, which was into a bin.

My question so, is originated by that(whis has make me to become very interested in all concerning this issue), but I have been reading a lot about this and while some sources say it suppose a risk, I have read from other sources(one of them are many messages of this page) that there are no reported cases of serconversion on this way.

Thanks for your information


--- Quote ---Recently,a girl friend of me, got stuck with a capped one, which was into a bin.
--- End quote ---


There is no way your G/F could have had a needle stick injury if the needle was capped, it's just not possible.

The reason there is no reported or documented cases if because there is none.


Annie. That one was capped but she felt a little pricking and was not sure what was the cause. And she thought perhaps if there was one needle perhaps there were more.

Anyway, all possible information is good and Iīd like to know in terms of statistics if there is someone, on this forum or in general term reported into the statistics, who seroconverted after a needle injury OUTSIDE hospitalary environment. That is: an abandoned needle into a bin. Letīs suppose that needle kept its cap until the moment of the accident.

As I told, I think(but I am not sure, thatīs the reason I am asking)I have read anywhere( perhaps 'The Body'? ) that there are not reported cases of such class of transmission.

If there are not reported cases but  there is any person at this forum who was infected in this way, please tell us your history.



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