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Hi everyone,

as I kept comming back to this community after signing up as a member,  I noticed a lot of people had started by introducing themselves whereas I had sort of discreetly gate-crashed the party by contributing here and there...
As I am usualy quite polite, guilt suddenly washed over me.

This is therefore a small introduction to who I am, in the hope that you will forgive me for sneaking in and accept me for who I am.

I am 46, french speaking with a relatively good grasp of english, living in france, hiv+ for about 4 years, on meds since 18 months or so (zerit+epivir+ some phytotherapy stuff) and currently dealing with the first signs of lypo. These 4 years have been a roller coaster ride (as for many of you I am sure) but I have somewhat calmed down.

A skeptic when it comes to all internet fads, I somewhat stayed away from places like this until now. What I have discovered here is not only a very useful database regarding our common problem and how to deal with it, but first and foremost a group of people who in turn are warm, funny, depressed, hilarious, caring and so many other things that touched me.
For 4 years I felt I was lacking references in my fight against this unwelcome guest of mine, and I didn't know people to share this with. Now I feel I have found a place filled with people who are willing to both help each other and have a good laugh.

I like this place, and hope you will like me (well, most of the time that is... ;))


Oh by the way, I am gay.

Hi Pat,

Welcome to the family!


Pat Welcome!   "Depressed" here... I am sure halarious will be along shortly!!


Hi Pat. 

Welcome to the fourms! :)


Hi Pat
Its a pleasure to meet you. The people here have a wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute when asked.


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