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Waiter, Theres a Mouse On My Plate !!

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Actually, the Poo was the most difficult thing. In keeping with the whole Food as Art theme, I rummaged around at some length before deciding on the most realistic and visually stunning  Edible Rat Turd.
[is THAT a great sentence or what ?]
My first thought was to use black peppercorns, but the size was all wrong and I already had red peppercorns as the eyes...
Next up was a whole cashew nut, and while the size and curve weres nicely realistic, the color was all wrong...
Various dried beans were considered but rejected for reasons of color, shape and piling ability..
I seriously considered chocolate chips but they were just too cutsie poo....
Some toasted coconut gave the unpleasant impression of a parasitic infection...
Unfortunately, the sesame sticks were all were the Rasins
In the end I hit the spice rack and went with Cardamom Pods, although a short bit of Vanilla bean may have been a better choice in retrospect.
Later that afternoon, when Pearmouse was poaching in a honey and wine Spa before his after dinner appearance , I hit upon the perfect  Gastronomic Rodentia Excreta : shelled Pistachio nuts. Perfect Color, Shape , Size, and Texture and they naturally clump together..

Until Next Time.....

Hmmm, after that last post by Lwood I feel very dirty.

And not the good kind of dirty either...

(who's now wondering how he got sucked into the thread of an obvious raving lunatic)


At the risk of making a repetitive 'play with your food' remark, I will now leave this thread.  :D


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