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possible infection from a testing center

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i had visited your forum earlier and got immensely benefited from your support and advice. but before i could get back to you all - andy, rapirod, ann and others, with the news , here i am with a possible infection. looks like i am destined to have the hiv virus and there is no way i can run from it.
i am the one who had suffered sexual abuse when i was a minor. anyways as per advice i got myself tested amd took the eliza test on the 7th of june and it was negetive. but now i strongly believe that i have finally got the infection this time from the clinic. the very next day that is the 8th when i woke up in the morning i felt that i had caught cold. though there was no running nose and cogestion in the nose. i took an anti allergic tablet - CETZINE. the next few days went okie, but the cold came back on the 9th day, as i woke up in the morning i had a feeling as though my head was heavy and i felt feverish. the kind of feeling that you get in the head and around the face region if u have caught cold. there was no cogestion in the nose and no headache or bodyache, no sore throat, no swollen lymphs. these symptoms carried on till the 27th of june. during this phase (10-11 days) i had taken 8 to 9 anti allergic tablets -CETZINE and on the 18th and 19th i had taken three antibiotic capsules. but it did not do any good. Temperatures recorded over this period was below normal but on three to four occasions 98.8 degrees and once 99 degrees. i am back to being a nervous wreck. i wonder whether this is the acute viral syndrome.
please advice on what test should i take now.
i have learned from different articles that the intial AVS symptoms appear within 2-4 weeks of exposure, my question is - can it occur before 2 weeks?

Andy Velez:
James, you do need to get some help but it has nothing to do with HIV.

Please don't come back to us with details about what was done wrong at the testing site that caused you to become infected. It just doesn't happen that way and you aren't the first one whose anxiety about HIV has come up with that kind of scenario.

For whatever reasons you have some intense fears connected to HIV. That's something you need to address with a therapist or other such professional. Talking about it in a safe and private setting including about your sense of inevitability about becoming HIV positive is the way to address this issue.

We can't help you with that here.

Good luck to you.

And no, you do not need to do any further HIV Elissa testing.

No clinic is going to open themselves up to lawsuits by re-using needles (or whatever else you think they did to infect you). It's just simply not going to happen. Clinics and hospitals have EXTREMELY strict guidelines for sterile equiment, and everyone working in a clinic or hospital is well-trained in safety procedures. It's the law.

If you are still terrified, I suggest you call the clinic and have them describe to you their safety procedures for needles and other equipment. I can assure you that it will put your mind at ease.

I concur with rick and andy. Remember your temperature can fluctuate in your body at any time. A 99 degree reading is pretty normal. Stop reading stuff on the internet, it will only do you no good, been there and done that. You have tested negative and if you continue to be safe you will have no problems.  Good Luck  Dogstar

to andy :- i am extremely sorry if i have put in unnecessary questions. but my intetion is not to waste anybodys valuable time. i understand that people who come to this forum are under immense stress and they look forward to your valuable advise. but i am all the more conecerned because i am supposed to get married shortly and i dont want to take any chances at all and punish somebody innocent. since these symptoms ( i can assure u its not psychological) have occured i want to be dead sure about my status. i donot have anything against the testing center.
to rick_nh: i understand your views but that i feel that relates perfectly to a place like US/european countries but in third world countries its different.

please let me know what test can i take at the end of 5-6 weeks and how accurate can it be?
Also Is it possible to have the initial AVS symtoms like fever and all before 2 weeks? since all sites put the period as 2-4 weeks. in my case the symptoms appeared on the 9th day.

i would also like to apologise, if i am bothering you all




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