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Anyone, please help! I am so afraid to take an aids test. I have prayed to God, but my faith appears to be weak at this time...
My question is that I have burning on the right side of my mouth between the edge of my lip and the hairline area. I do not appear to have any of the common other symptoms. Is it normal to have only one symptom and be hiv positive?
Any comments would be helpful. Thanks and pray for me to get my faith back...

Andy Velez:
I don't know what your possible exposure was. You don't have to feel brave to take the test.

If you have had a risky incident such as unprotected intercourse then you need to get tested. It's as simple as that.

What you are reporting as a symptomatic concern is something that is not in anyway suggestive of HIV infection. But then you also need to know that neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms will ever tell you anything accurately about your HIV status. Onlly an HIV test can give you that answer and it should be taken at 13 weeks after the most recent risky incident.

Stop making this harder than it needs to be. If you're at 13 weeks get tested now.

Good luck with your test and keep us posted.



For a start, it's not an aids test, it's an hiv test.

While the symptom you report do not sound hiv related in any way, shape or form, symptoms or the lack of symptoms means nothing when it comes to hiv infection. The ONLY way to know your hiv status is through testing at the appropriate time, which is 12-13 weeks after an incident of unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse.

You do not say what makes you worry about hiv infection. We could help you better if you tell us what is worrying you and why.

Please read through the Welcome Thread and follow the Lessons links. Come back and talk to us again after you have done this.



Ms. Ann,
I was just worried that I could have possibly had angular cheilitis.
which is usually cuts or fissures at the corners of the mouth.
Mine is only burning at the corners of my mouth.
Some even say burning at the corners of the mouth could be angular cheilitis.
I was afraid that my symptoms could get to that point.
..I read that it was common in people with hiv.
I dont have any other symptoms at this time.


We don't want to know about your symptoms, because symptoms don't mean anything when it comes to hiv infection.

We want to know why you believe you are at risk for hiv infection. What happened in your life that is making you wonder if you might have hiv? That is what we need to know in order to help you.



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