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"Shrink Rap"

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I made an appointment this week for my first ever head shrinker..  I hope hes gay, likes to cross dress and looks like Neil Diamond.... :)

jordan: friend keeps pushing me to go see one (mainly because he says his helped him and he thinks I need help).  However, I feel I'm sane, but in order get him off my back I said I would try one or two sessions. ;)

Anyway, I said when I go see my PCP on July 20th I'll ask for a referral and see where it takes me.

Maybe you could just rent Saving Silverman. Jack Black doing Niel Diamond puts me on the floor every time.

But seriously, I hope he works out.
I'd probablly ruin a shrink. Ever see Good Will Hunting ?

Neil Diamond?

Hmm very different taste you have!



Hay!  I got my Secret Service pin today!  After 4 years of dealing with old presidents, they actually trust me... Little do they know... Or maybe they do know?  OMG... 


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