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People often ask me how I have survived HIV/AIDS for 22 years. Well, the answer in large part, is Ryan White. In 1984 when I found out I was HIV+ I was seriously thinking about taking my own life. Then Ryan White came along. I have never know a more brave, courageous man in my life. What he had to put up with was just unbelievable. I would ask you all to take a few minutes to read the following link and go to Ryan White.
This is the bravest person I have ever known. All of us owe a great deal of gratitude to this unique, outstanding individual. His bravery single handedly saved tens of thousands of lives. Mine included. I love you Ryan White. You are still my hero to this very day. Thank you for giving me the courage to endure. I am forever grateful.

Hello Jeff,

Very nice post. No doubt, a lot of people owe their lives to The Ryan White care act. I wonder how many people remember Ryan White, or for that matter know of him.( I am sure there are a lot that don't) I have been fortunate so far to still have good insurance coverage, so I have not used RWCA.

Ryan's mother was in Tampa a couple of months ago, at a seminar. I wish I could have had the opportunity to see her. Maybe next time... He was a very brave young man...

Take care---Ray

I remember when I originally heard of Ryan White and what he had to go through.  I remember thinking what a brave little boy he was.  I would have never thought that years later I would be depending on his courage to make my life a better one.


A few years ago I watched a documentary on his life. It truly was more about the love of a mother for her son than anything else, plus the courage of a little boy who just wanted to be a “Little Boy” like all his other friends.

It showed the hatred that ignorance can breed. It showed the violence of a mob mentality when they set her house on fire. It showed the lack of courage in our elected officials. At first, no one stepped forward to help this single mother. In the end she had to move to another town. It was a tearjerker!


Here's another story,1299,DRMN_15_2996531,00.html


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