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Can hepatitis b,c or hiv get on the tip of a ballpoint pen or into the ink when writing an autograph on another's arm with a ballpoint pen and pressing too hard so that a possible blooddrop could get on the pen, can I then get it when I receive an autograph on my arm with same pen? I only remember the girl saying ouch, I dont think there was any blood at all but what it? Is it at all possible to get any of the blood diseases from a pinprick or a penprick? Please ease my mind I dont want to go through testing..

Matty the Damned:
No this is not a risk situation in terms of HIV infection. As for other blood borne diseases, I would advise you to talk your doctor. We are an HIV specific website.

Please take the time to read our Welcome Thread and follow the links to our Lessons to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.

You do not need to test for HIV as a result of what you describe.



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