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I am already DEAD

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OK its like this about 22 months ago i got real sick (could not get out of bed sick) I even had to sell my business. I had sever fatigue,low testosterone, low b-12,psoriasis, peeling hands,loss of control of left leg,  oral thrush, new moles and freckles, lost about 10 lbs, night sweats,fungal rash, periodontal cavities, white sores on side of tongue ,sores in mouth,and on top of head, went to doctors they suggested i get an hiv test so i did results where neg. after about a month to month and a half i felt somewhat better nut still had oral thrush that would not respond to treatment (even I.V. treatment)
when i received my labs i had a high white cell count that was about it. i have had every test known to man borderline diabetic and have continued high white count
over the last 15 months i have had about 9 antibody test 2 viral load test ( one at about 7 months and one about 15 months) and a (NAT)at about a year  also just had another negative Elisa at 22 months test  all of which are neg. I still have the oral thrush and have been gaining weight over the last year (which i know is not a sign of hiv) but none of the doctors seem to have a clue I have tested for hep,Lyme,autoimmune, hiv, ebstienbar, and lupus. my CD4s where 1560 at 6 months and 1530 at about a year.and 1230 at about 21 months
I have been told repeatedly that this is not hiv but what is it then.
oh i have reoccurring middle ear infections to yea. My children and wife a affected to wife got hpv so bad in 1 years time required surgery to remove (bad surgery cut her up BAD) and my 2 year old is slow to develop small for age has reoccurring ear infections sick allot and has new strange rash on butt(not typical diaper rash), and 8 month old is same 2 year old got hiv tests at 7 months and 1 year (antibody only) wife got a couple hiv tests too
I am so freaked out If anybody knows any thing this could be please help

Matty the Damned:
Alright buddy,

Just cut the hystrionics right now.

The first thing you can do is disable that silly poll you started. It serves no useful purpose and such things are frowned upon here in Am I Infected is the strongest possible way.

Whatever is making you ill, it's not HIV infection. Your negative ELISA tests demonstrate that. A 22 month result is so conclusive it's not funny.

Seriously. You don't have HIV.

I am sorry that you and your family have been so ill and that must be terribly distressing, but focusing obsessively on a disease you don't have (ie HIV) is only going to make things worse.

Please take the time to read our Welcome Thread and follow the links to our Lessons to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.


Exposure by work related needle stick and 1 time unprotected vaginal and oral
and would accept negative results but Immunology Dept of all children's is not so sure  it is not HIV and wants more testing complete hiv panel or some cr@p like that  and how do i disable the poll

Matty the Damned:
Look mate,

I'm presuming the needle-stick and the unprotected fucking all occurred prior to the 22 month negative test, yes?

If so then you're HIV negative. The seroconversion window period for HIV infection is 3 months. Unless you're a chemotherapy patient, a transplant recipient on immuno-suppressive therapy or a long term injecting drug user, you would have tested HIV positive by now if you'd been infected.

You haven't therefore you're not HIV positive. It's pretty straightforward stuff.


deviant sub type? failed immune response? superior immune response? I do not know I want to believe it is not hiv but the the Immunology Department must know there shit


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