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Well, my name is Matt, and this is my first time here. I'll explain why.

My best friend, of about 9 years now, has a gay brother. Okay, no problem whatsoever.

About 7-8 years ago, he "talked me into" having unprotected sex with him a couple of times. Nothing was done to me, except he gave me oral and I had him anal. I know nothing being done TO me prevents me from getting HIV or other STDs. I just wanted to mention that fact. I didn't like it (experimental, I guess -- ya know? =D). I am now married with a 10-month old daughter.

My wife was tested, as usual, during her pregnancy. My daughter was tested after birth, too. By tested, I mean tested for the usual (STDs, diabetes, the normal) like any pregnancy/birth. Everything came back great -- she did SO good through the pregnancy. And now my daughter is VERY healthy, too.

I've heard that HIV/AIDS has so many symptoms. But sometimes it can take a few years (so I've heard). I haven't had any sort of yeast infection-like symptoms, weakness, fatigue (other than from work), persistent and/or fever, diharreah (however it is spelled =P), or anything like that.

Just Friday morning (when I got home from work), I had several small "bite"-like marks on my right leg. Nowhere around my genitals or anything like that. I don't know if they're bug bites for sure, but we do have a few animals (cats actually), and they have quite a few fleas, which is where I think it came from.

They itch really bad. So I figured it was bug/flea bites. And I've just been curious due to the events in the past. Is there any chance I could be infected with anything -- well, a HIGH risk. I doubt it, myself. I'm not very worried. But I have been searching the web, and found this site. It seemed like a great place to ask. =)

I mentioned the bug bites because I sort of looked into HIV/AIDS symptoms. I had seen some things about "sores" or something. But these aren't sores. And usually if a "sore" is caused by a virus, it doesn't normally itch.

I just need some reassurance. And remember, a lot of what I've said due to my own thought is because I saw it on websites. Some of them may not be true. But I just wanted to make sure everything looked good for me, as far as anyone here can tell.

Thank you all very much,
    Matt U. =)


Anyone who has had unprotected intercourse with ANYONE whose hiv status they aren't 100% sure of, should be tested for hiv. You should test to put your mind at ease. While from what you describe I fully expect you to test negative, you should test all the same becuase hiv is nothing to guess about.

Test, collect what I expect to be your negative result and move on with your life.



You seem to be under the misconception that anal sex is only a risk to the receptive partner.  This is not the case.  While anal sex is a much higher risk to the receptive partner, there is still a significant risk to the insertive partner.

You should always use condoms, whether you're the top or bottom, outside of a securely monogamous relationship.

Just wanted to add these remarks to Ann's sage advice.



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