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What's "IT" all about?

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I'm trying to answer a pm from a member who is thinking of going to Montreal.

Honestly, I think all of you could do a much better job. 

The question is what is Montreal all about. 

I answered that for me I would be going without any expectations, just looking forward to seeing a beautiful city I would never otherwise visit, connecting with other members who I feel I've made a bond with  through these forums, and to have a good time. BUT, within all that activity, there is something else that happens.  Something deeper, personal, soothing, validating, and strengthening. It isn't frightening, orchestrated, or uncomfortable.  It just feels good! I know I will leave Montreal feeling different then when I arrived.

I think this gathering is going to be something different for everyone.  I think you all could answer the pm better by explaining why you made the decision to go.  What is "it" to you?

My question to all of you is:



The Canuck:

--- End quote ---

RAB...because this is only two hours drive away from me.  ;D

The Canuck

The Canuck:
I needed to pull Rab's leg a little but kidding aside why am I going to Montreal ?

This website has been very helpful to me and started to post in June 2005. Right from the beginning I noticed there were intelligent, caring and funny people in here and needed to come back on a regular basis. I wanted to read what DingoBoi or Matty would write for making me laugh, or simply read Jonathan's articulate thoughts and text. Having said that I don't want anyone else to feel left out but only mentioned the first I noticed when I got here.

I don't know too many posters on a personal level apart from what they wrote/write but they all seem nice and want to pursue this further. This is pretty hard to explain but let's say this is like a magnet and just feel attracted to the core. I have too a good feeling about this, and this is pretty much in my nature to be adventurous anyway. I somewhat regret of not having been part of the Toronto gatering last year, but what is done is done, and not really in my nature either to have regrets.

I know Montreal better than everyone coming although there's a few who experienced Montreal more than once. Yet I never felt obligated to take part but moreover felt the needs to help them enjoying their stays, and be part of it too as I want to meet them ALL. I must add at this point that SAE, my other half in this has worked very hard for making it possible, we both want all the attendees to enjoy themselves and return home with a good feeling.

On a selfish side, I also want to have a good time and intend to do so. I'm really sorry for the lenghty reply but wanted to write what I felt about all this. You don't have much to loose anyway, Montreal is a fun city and surrounded by nice people how can you loose ?


The Canuck

Because I live here, and there is no way you guys are having fun without me in my own city (that I actually haven't had time to see yet).

Because I love you all.

My reasons for going to Montreal are for the same as the reasons I went to Toronto.

I went to Toronto so I could look into the eyes for all those who inspired me, supported me and kept my head above water when all I wanted to do was go under..I wanted to hold on to them and know that it was not just words that connected us.

The same goes for Montreal.. I want to see all my Toronto friends again, I want to meet all those I have come to know over the past year...and to say thank you for the new friendships,the love and support they have given me.

I want to stand beside two of my dearest friends when they take their vows, I want to have fun, I want to relax, I want to see for myself that this is not just a forum but a family.

Jan :-*


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