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I was out of town with friends for a football game and ended up getting seperated from them for about a 2 hr time span. I know I ended up talking to a guy at some point (that I don't know), but I ended up at a safety zone getting hooked up with my friends. I don't remember this time span at all. I was in a public place (that was crawling with people) the whole time to my knowledge. I only had 2-3 drinks, so I am worried I was drugged or something. I am very anxious that something happened with this guy at the time I was gone from my friends-however, I came back with all my undergarments, had no vaginal or rectal soreness, no one noticed I was disheveled(my hair was still up in a clip like it had been before), etc. The only thing missing was a belt, but I had a dress on and had cut out the hooks earlier.  Do I need to be concerned about this? Would it be safe to say nothing happened-that something more would be amiss?  I know I was at the safety zone at least 30-45 minutes out of that time span, I am just terrified that something happened, but I think I would have remembered SOMETHING. Could he have penetrated me without me remembering anything and there be no evidence?  Would transmission be a possibility? Do I need to get tested, PEP? Tomorrow would be the last possible day I could start PEP I think. I did go to the ER and they checked me out, didnt notice any vaginal tearing, and gave me a prescription for other STDS, but not HIV.  Please help! Thanks in advance.

Could someone please respond? I am in a panic. I really haven't eaten or slept at all since this happened.I just need to know if I need to test or not and what my risk was.

You would have known if you would have had vaginal or anal sex. No, you don't need to test.

Thanks for your response-so this is a NO risk situation? There's no possible way to not remember that, even if I was blacked out?

Even if you had blacked out, you would have known.


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