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GregoryScott611 Happy to be back!

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I'm glad to be back on  It's been much too long.  In the fall I started a new career, which has gone so well.  Since starting I've been promoted twice and now I'm a General Manager in training.  I'm now at Canada's flagship store so the opportunity for me to shine and prove myself have been amazing.  After my addiction to meth and subsequent recovery I truly believe there is a greater power who is on my side.   

My health is great.  I started meds again after 3 years, the same week I started my new job.  Within 2 months I was undedectable and my CD4 hovered around the high 200's for the first 6 months of treatment and finally at last check was 451.  Moving in the right direction and I feel great.

As of next month I have to start paying for meds, through my benefits at work, I'm covered 90% however I have to pay upfront and get a check in 2-3 weeks time.  That would be fine except having gone through bankruptcy a few years ago I have no access to credit so I have to save.  That's $1400/month.

And starting September I have to start treatment for my Hep C.  Although my biopsy was excellent a ultra sound discovered I have scarring of the liver (scherroisis sp?)  so my co-infection specialist recommends I start that treatment as soon as I can.  That's another $1500 per month.  So I'm trying to save up for my first big bill in Aug/Sept.

One of the last things I remember from here was a message that Joe left me on relationships.  I don't know if I ever had the chance to respond, but I appreciated it.  I think the one thing that would really compliment everything that is going on in my life would be someone special to share it with.  Not that I'm looking, but ever there was a time that all the pieces of the puzzle were coming together, it would be now.

Anyway, this Library is closing so I have to go.  I promise to get here more often to check messages and get involved again.

I've truly missed you all.  I'm getting a little teared up write now writing this.  And I hope I can find a way to Montreal for 1-2 days.

Big *HUGS*


We've missed you Greg!

Hope you can come to AMG 06 in Montreal.



It's great to see you back glad everything is going your way..I look forward to seeing you until then take care.

Jan :-*

Matty the Damned:

I was thinking about you just yesterday! Congrats on the good results, the promotion and welcome back!

(Who is overcome with exclamation points!) ;D!

Hey Greg, glad to see you back and thanks for the updates.  I am glad your health and career are going well, wish the bank balance would rise like your cd4's have.

Big Woofs

(Matty this is how you do exclamation points!!!!111!!!11!!!one!!1oneone!!!111)


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