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Hey everyone and thanks for reading.

I have been seeing this girl over a month now and its going great. Just last week we were kissing around and then she ended up giving me a blowjob and I went down on her. Throughout that time, she told me that she is on birth control and that if I wanted to go inside her. I did not because I did not have a condom. She also told me that in her past relationship she did not use a condom because they were both virgins. Now should I be concerned about anything that fact that I went down on her and she gave me a blowjob and she has not used a condom with her last boyfriend?( we are both 19 by the way).

Just last night we did go all the way and I used a condom. I kept checking to make sure that it was not broken or anything, but it was also a little dark in the room and maybe I missed something...but it looked fine when I took it off. Also, when I was inside her, the comdom kept sliding forward and I had to always pull it back, but my whole penis was always covered, just that the tip of the comdom got bigger as I was inside her after a while. I dont know if I am explaining it right or not...but I just wanted to know it I am ok and If I did anything wrong.

Thank you so much.

No concerns here, just keep using those condoms.

Andy Velez:
I don't see any cause for concern here as long as you always use a condom for intercourse.

Until such time as you may find yourself in a securely monogamous relationship in which both partners test negative together you should alway use a condom for intercourse. It doesn't matter what you think you know about your partner's history or how great she looks or anything. A condom is a must.

This time out I don't see any cause for concern or for testing.


Andy and RapidRod,

Thank you so much for your reply. So even though I went down on her, I have nothing to worry about even though she did not use a condom in her first relationship? Becasue now I feel that after I went down on her and she told me about her past, I dont feel very comfortable going down on her. Any advise again. Thanks again in advance.



You should never do anything sexually that makes you feel uncomfortable.

However, feelings aren't facts and the fact is, going down on a woman is not a risk for hiv infection.



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