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Five year anniversary..

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Well, five years since I've known and started meds.  Wasn't sure but when I went to the doc he said it was time for my 5yr. pneumonia shot, that's when it struck home.  Still on the same combo, viramune, viread and epivir and still working.  I was thinking the other night:  I have seen a USA centennial, a world millennium and incredible advances in technology(I remember when my dad bought our first b&w TV in the 50's and now I'm online?); if I can make it 20 more yrs(will be 83,F*uck!) will see a USA bi-sentinel. Once you get older, whether poz or not, you kinda think of things you might wanna see in years to come; too many to make a list, but maybe there's some things to set a goal for that will keep us going besides just surviving.

Hey... congrads to you. The time goes by so fast. I'm 53 and I think in just 20 years I'll be almost as old as my dad, 75.
And he seems OLD. And I know how fast 20 years goes by. I still remember the JKF assassination like it way last week. And I started my current job in 1991 and THAT seems like yesterday.

Hi Jim,

Time does certainly fly by. Too fast for me at times. You've been on the same regimen for five years, thats great, that everything is working out for ya, except every once in a while, when the Government has to take a jack hammer to things !! I do a lot of reminiscing myself lately. And I will be 55 in December. The pneumonia shot requires a booster, every 5 years. I had my booster, I don't remember, probably 2 years ago.

Take care of yourself Jim-----Ray

Hi Jim!

I'm glad to know you are doing well, this is great news for me tonight! You were definitely part of my 'naming ceremony' with my donated white blood cells three weeks ago at the NIH...thought I'd let you know, honey.

That thing you said, about setting goals, is so true. I'm stomping the stuff out of my 50's at the moment, and realized that I haven't been to see the Great Pyramid yet, or the Sphinx, something I've dreamt about since I was 10.

I'd better get busy making some plans, huh?

You are a special guy, and you are aging like a fine wine, is all!

With hugs,

Zephie :-*

Dear Jim,

Thank you for posting this.  I remember our first B&W TV, it was an Emerson and we were still watching it when color TV came out.  My family was the 12th family in our town to get TV.

I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, Third Cousin Erik was the only other one.  Cousin Jim (Erik's Grandfather) used to tell a story about college.  If you don't mind, I'd like to share it now.

Barney got to go to college and there was a big family reunion during Spring Break.  Uncle Clem looks at Barney and sez, "say there Barney, what did you learn in that there fancy college?"  "Well Uncle Clem, I learned that pi are square."  Uncle Clem, quite perplexed replied, "Pie are not square you fool, pie are round, cornbread are square."

So, here I am, one of two people of a very large family to actually graduate from college, have had the ability to open doors and work with some very important people, become a mover and shaker and then lose it all to HIV/AIDS.  My 10 year anniversary of AIDS was June 26th and I have not been hired for any job since that day.  I have had interviews, the last one was last year, I flew through the application process, received a letter which said I was the highest qualified applicant and interviewed for Risk Manager I, a position which paid over $60,000.00 per year with full benefits.  I sailed through that interview with some of the most interesting people I had met in years.  I signed the release for background check which meant I was hired pending background investigation.  The Director of Safety walked me to the front door and since I have PN w/footdrop, the pain was excruciating and very noticeable.  My next letter said, Thank you for thinking of the County of Sonoma in your search for employment, a more qualified applicant has been found, good luck with your endeavors.

That very same County of Sonoma has no problems asking me to volunteer as a person living with HIV/AIDS for any number of committees.  My goal is to keep plugging away until every one of us gets a fair shot in regaining the life we once had or thought we wanted.  That goal may or may not be realistic but, I have a lot of time left in this world so it does not hurt to try.  Have the best day


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