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Viramune and Fatigue

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Since switching to Viramune I've had unusual (for me) fatigue. It's not quite two weeks but I'm ready for bed at 9 or 10 pm, even on weekends! I don't want to do anything. Will this go away?

The Canuck:
Hi Joel,

This is hard to tell as the side effects of some meds are different from one person to another. I've had Viramune into my regimen for a little over two years now and never experienced fatigue, or any other side effects for that matter.

I assume you didn't have unusual fatigue just prior of starting taking Viramune, did you ?


The Canuck

Hey, fatigue, the most difficult side-effect I reckon...

This could be your body saying, sleep, I have work to do now the virus is under control, part of "recovery" then.  But there are mechanical things to check out if it goes on, like anaemia etc, most of which can be shoe-horned into the bloods etc on a normal routine visit.  A fatigue diary will help your doc work out what's what. 


Personally, anecdotally my friends on NNRTIs like Viramune get tired more easily than my friends on PIs.  But this is not science, just my observation.  Fatigue can be a sign of liver stress.  Some people clear NNRTIs less quickly than others, this is a genetic thing, mostly but not uniquely present in people of black African genetic heritage. Side effects always seem worse when this happens.

However, like I said, it may be your body adjusting and mending, and therefore pass (plus there's the other drugs too, they could be the reason...)

- matt

I haven't taken a nap since I was in college. Now, all I want to do is come home and go to sleep! I'm exagerating a little bit but yes, it's very different then before Viramune.

Thanks for your response, Newt. There's just been such a huge difference in sleeping patterns between Sustiva and Viramune I can't help but notice. I'm having blood drawn for my liver toxicity test on Tuesday so we'll see if that's a contributing factor. I like "mending" a whole lot theory better though! :-)


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