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Lipodistrophy induced Type II Diabetes

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Steve unfortunately that is a common side effect..especially for those of us who have been with things like Crixivan for years....(I still am)  my Dr told me it is one of the most common sides he sees and he is very sensitive to the issues of Diet and exercise to help as much as possible...finally about a year ago I started on Avandia. but after the warnings started coming about that drug he switched me to insulin shot but I watch the diet for "fast carbs" and high sugars...

Hope you can continue with just diet control...


Well I've been fairly successful at maintaining sugar levels between 90 and 130 as long as I don't cheat and have a chocolate attack.  ;D I do that about once a week and my sugars shoot up to about 170.  :'(

Hey Steve,

Like Nick, I spent a long time on Crixivan - 11 years. As I said earlier, I have been lucky, but I still like to keep tabs on it.

I am now on Reyataz with the Norvir boost, which seems OK. But, my blood glucose levels have crept up into the 90s and there is a familial history of diabetes.

So, I am being a bit more cautious these days. It is good to hear you have been able to control yours with diet. Keep up the good work.



90's is normal range. If your normally below that I'm surprised you haven't been diagnosed with hypoglycemia! When my blood sugar hits 70 or below I literally loose brain functions. It's like being drunk without the fun part! I also break out into serious sweats when my Blood sugar gets that low.

I did Crixivan for several years myself but am now on Truvada with the Norvir boost, Lexiva and Fuseon.

Hey Steve,

I was at a conference on HIV and TB today and one of the discussions was on side effects of the meds, including diabetes induced by the meds. It seems the majority of people who suffer a side effect involving blood sugar levels develop hyperglycemia (or hypoglycemia, I always get them confused.)
About 2 percent of those who develop problems involving blood sugar develop full-blown diabetes.

Or at least that is what the said at the conference. I didn't get a chance to corner the doc who made the statement because they kept things moving too quickly.

That doesn't change things for you, but I did find it interesting.

I have problems when my blood sugar suddenly drops, including the weakness, butterflies in the stomach and breaking out in a cold sweat.
When I get to the sweating part, I have to eat or drink something quick - something containing sugar.
Once I do that, I usually get sleepy. So, I understand what you are talking about.

That is one reason I can't eat just carbs, especially for breakfast. I either need to include protein or not eat at all.

But this isn't new or something caused by the meds. I have had this happen as long as I can remember.

By the way, how do you like the Lexiva? I have heard good things about it, but I don't know many who take it as yet.




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