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Lipodistrophy induced Type II Diabetes

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Well I had Hypoglycemia a for a year back in 96/97 when I was also coming down with MAC but it cleared up once I retired from the airlines and I hadn't had a low blood sugar drop till about a month and a half ago. Walgreens accidentally gave me somebody Else's Diabetes medicine with my test strips. Luckily for me I knew how to treat the rapid blood sugar drop. After two days of serious drops I faxed my blood results for the week to my doctor noting that I had the drops on the medicine (That at that time I assumed he had prescribed for me) and his nurse called me back immediately to ask why I was taking it and who prescribed it. I told her, I thought you guys did. She said no and to stop taking it. Apparently the drug store scanned in somebody else's Glybuterol(SP) with my test strips. Lucky for me I knew how to treat the symptoms from my previous history with hypoglycemia years before. Fun fun fun!

The Lexiva's fine as far as I know. I haven't had any bad side effects that I can attribute to it that I know of.

Hi Steve,

I thought I was just having a hard time controlling my Diabetes type I but I knew it was acting like type two. I was trying to tell the doctors what was going on but they  just didn't get it. I was in their eyes a not compliant type I that was trying to manufacture a reason for my screwy blood sugars.

I still have to check 8 to 10 times a day. When the glucose starts to get high I have been aggressive with it and given more insulin from my insulin pump. This is deffinately not one of those things that one should do at home. I have had this disease for almost 40 years and now I have Combo diabetes or what I call Type III. It acts like type II  but seeems to fluctuate more with a rapidity that comes on fast and then after a week or more of struggling it  crashes  with rapidity that is unlike the usual insulin reaction. The meter may be saying 69 or seventy but I am experiencing symptoms that I know are related to  lows of less than 35. My partner keeps a glucagon kit available It is a real rollecoster ride these days. and just to think that I used to love rollercosters. Thanks for the post


Ouch! I can only imagine how difficult it would be for someone with natural Type I to acquire Type II as a medical side effect! That's got to royally suck!

Thanks Steve. I could not have said it better my self. There are days when I spend the day like a Yo YO. high then down to the basement. It is this days that I wish that I could set that day out. But one things for sure like my Neurologist said about the Parkinson's that showed up. It is a small price to pay to be alive. I will second that. These medicines are great and life saving but I think most of the doctors are afraid to let the patient know what might happen due to taking them.

I would gladly suffer more disease if I could bring back all those I lost in a totally healthy state. But I decided years ago that I would survive if at all possible to tell the story. I have begun writing my memoirs. I assure you that I won't be putting what I write here in the writings.



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