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Follow Up Blood Draw


I just got the call from Boston (Elite Controllers Study) to see if I would make a follow up blood draw.  And I tried to get some information about my bloodwork.
Seems they have identified HLV 57 as (one of? )the gene(s) that inhibits HIV viruses from atttaching and thats what I have ...the HLV 57 gene.
Question: i did a search on AIDSmeds and nothing came up for HLV 57.  Is there any discussion of this gene I can look at?
Is this the same one that RedHotMuscle Bear has?

It's the B*57+ allele of the Human Lymphocyte Antigen (HLA) gene; and it is one of the predictor alleles for LTNP status.  I learned this from my NIH study -- if you haven't given up blood for them, please contact them!  I'll even PM with the study coordinator's contact info.

My follow-up draw for Elite Controllers is scheduled for November 19, when I'll also have "routine" labs done in advance of capral tunnel release on my left hand.  The vampires of Bethesda will likely call before Christmas to schedule a poking session of their own.



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